The only world's dreamosscopy with uv light. DL5 SUPER POLARIZED, Cross-polarized, Non-polarized, Parallel-polarized. Whit the world's first variable polarization sytem in a hybird dermatoscope, DermLite DL5. Far and away out best optics. Superviolet, With 365mm uv in your pocket at 10x, DL5 brings you wood-mode, superpowers of a new dimansion.
Super Clinical, When screening your patients at a distance, DL5's high-powered tourch LED provides phenomenal illuminatiion to larger areas.
True 10x, See even finer details due to and optical design that takes youe beyound standard 10x, 32mm, 9 Polarization & brightness levels. Super Smartphone-compatible, With the included universal smartphone adapter MCC, you'll be able to use DL5 on virtually any smartphone. Super practicak, Magnetically attached 100 mm ruler. Super Battery life, DL5 lets you enjoy your powers much longer on a single charge, thanks to a battery that's moer than twice the capacity of DL4. Super complete, DL5 comes with everythin you need: Charging base, leather pouch, protective belt case, DL5 comes with everything you need:Charging base, leather pouch, prothective belt case, smartphone adaper, IceCap, eyepiece, and ruler. Featuers, 32mm lens sesign with superb performance, up=close and at distance, ture 10x magnifincation - resolvers evern finer structures. DL5 includes:, handheld dermatoscope with 10x magnification, variable polarization, dermoscopic white & UV, torch LED destop charging base with lceCap storage and secondary USB output. 2m USB to USB-C cable
DL5 Small Contact Plate.
DL5 Small Contact Plate
IceCap for DL5, 25-pack.
IceCap® for DL5, 25-pack
DL5 Contct Plate - grid.
DL5 Contact Plate - grid
USB-A to USB-C Cable, 2m.
USB-A to USB-C cable, 2m